Kenchan Ramen

Meat Lover Set (6 servings)

Meat Lover Set (6 servings)

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The Ultimate Meat Lover's Variety Pack! (total of 6 servings) 

2 servings of Premium Spicy Miso
2 servings of Premium Tonkotsu 
4 slices of extra chashu
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Customer Reviews

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Dan Hubp
Best at-home ramen available !

We have tried many variations of do-it-yourself ramen and KenChan Ramen is by far the easiest to prepare and most tasty and satisfying ! Everything is package for easy, quick preparation and the taste is better than can be imagined ! For the Miso and Tonkotsu lover with extra slices of meat ! You will not be disappointed ! Thank you ! Dan H

Delicious and easy to make!

We moved to Alabama from California and were very much missing the ramen that used to be so readily available! My wife had such a craving for ramen that we decided to give Kenchan a chance and are very glad we did! So far we’ve just tried the Tonkotsu and Spicy Miso and both were delicious!


Taste is good but very little meat and pricey.

Brian Calderon
Delicious 😋

Broth is amazing as are the ingredients to go with it and the noodles are nice as well

Evelyn Henderson
Food delicious, packing a little

Arrived quickly. To start off with, I cooked up one kit...twice. And it was delicious. .However, when I opened the box, several of the pork slice packets were loose in the main box. There were a couple spots on the boxes that looked greasy but upon inspection all the food packets were intact and everything was accounted for. No shortages, if anything I think I had some extra corn. But the main thing is, it was delicious. Glad I found this as the previous manufacturer had to close due to supply problems. Will order again for sure