Kenchan Ramen

Meat Lover Set (6 servings)

Meat Lover Set (6 servings)

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The Ultimate Meat Lover's Variety Pack! (total of 6 servings) 

2 servings of Premium Spicy Miso
2 servings of Premium Tonkotsu 
4 slices of extra chashu
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Customer Reviews

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Michael Keeney
Amazing Quality Ramen

I use to live in Japan and my roommate is from there and we both agree this is better then most of the local Ramen restaurants we frequent. All of the broths (Meat Lovers Set) are packed with flavor and the ingredients are all fresh and combine to make the perfect bowl of Ramen. Just finished my first order and about to send for another set!

Karen Robbins
Got to Kansas! Odd chasu packaging

I sent the 6 serving combo set to my daughter in Kansas. It arrived, was left out a few hours at 77F and the package was still pretty cool by the time she opened it. She said the broth was very tasty and kits were nice to have. There’s no tasty ramen in her town. The way the chasu is portioned is strange for a single person eating one serving at a time. We contacted customer service to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. We were told there were 2 slices in each packet. One packet is for two servings. So for a single person that means store the second slice until eating next portion. Overall nice to have but wouldn’t send if it’s 106f outside like it was in Kansas a few weeks back.

Lesley Choy

Very good. Will order again.

Daniel Sanchez

Very good ramen

Katy Lee
Yum yum

Kenchan ramen is better than the ramen in my area. This will be my 3rd time ordering.