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Kenchan Ramen

Premium Tonkotsu Kit (2 servings)

Premium Tonkotsu Kit (2 servings)

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Creamy. Hearty. Flavorful. 

The Tonkotsu broth that you love that is slowly simmered over 16 hours with a splash of shoyu base to complete the fatty yet silky full-bodied broth. 

Most people associate tonkotsu with a very thick, heavy, and fatty broth. Our unique approach to the pork bone broth finds a medium between the hearty pork and refreshing shoyu to keep you on your toes.

2 servings of tonkotsu soup base, 2 servings of fresh noodles, 4 slices of tender pork chashu, 2 packets of pickled mustard greens, 2 packets of bamboo shoots, 2 packets of corn and 2 packets of black garlic oil 

 Fresh for 5 days refrigerated, up to 1 year frozen

**Allergen Notice:  Soy, Wheat**

**Eggs & Green Onions Not Included**

Ingredients- Noodles (Wheat Flour, Water, Wheat Gluten, Kansui) Soup Base (Water, Pork Extract, Salt, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Chicken Broth, Soy Sauce, Vegetable Extract, Yeast Extract, Shiitake Powder, Kombu Powder) Pork Chashu (Pork, Water, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Rice Wine, Vinegar, Seasonings), Pickled Mustard Green (Mustard, Soy Sauce, Salt, Tumeric) Bamboo Shoot (Bamboo Shoot, Water, Soy Sauce, Salt) Corn, Seaweed, Black Garlic Oil (Palm Oil, Garlic)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Great for a at home meal kit.

Amelia Canal
10 out of 10

Absolutely delicious ramen! Easy prep and ready in minutes but the flavor does not lack. Will definitely purchase again!

Paxton Lee
The Taste of LA

I found Kenchan Ramen at the Studio City Farmers market. I had sampled their broth, but never committed to purchasing. I recently left LA and relocated to a tiny mountain town, with nowhere near enough good food! Luckily I remember about kenchan ramen and ordered instantly! The price, with shipping, is the same as if you were to go to a sit down ramen restaurant. It was delivered quickly and the taste blew me and my boyfriend out of the water! Both broths were so flavorful, with the noodles absorbing their flavor perfect! We will, without a doubt, be ordering from here again!!

Ryan Besette

As far as kits go, this one is pretty good, especially when you add to it and enhance it but just on its own it's excellent too.

Simple Prep. Great Taste.

Has a good deep flavor that you want from a tonkostu broth. The instructions are clear and easy to follow for a great bowl of ramen at home. Only thing I would change is the packaging of the bamboo shoots + charsiu + corn. They are all packaged together and this causes them to marinate in the corn juices and all end up tasting of corn :/ Otherwise, great :)